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    Benefits Helps to regulate blood pressure.Relieves stress and promotes restful sleep.Neutralizes toxins and harmonizes liver.Moisturizes skin and perfect as ingredient for DIY face mask.

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    Grade D Maple Syrup is a premium grade of maple syrup harvested from certified organic sugar maple in Canada. Unlike other grades, Grade D Maple Syrup is collected at the very end of its harvesting season, which usually produces lesser yield, yet darker and richer sap that contains the highest nutritional values.

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    Wild Tualang honey harvest from the tall majestic emergent Tualang tree.Its lofty of 250 feet provides natural protection for the Asian Giant Honeybee, which collect the strong character dark amber colour unpolluted honey.

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    From "Magical Misty Heaven" Fraser's Hill, Nestling over 900 species of flower plants at 1500 meters above sea level on the Titiwangsa range. The cool unpolluted environment produces this raw wild honey that is clear and pure with mild floral taste.

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    椴树花蜜 Lime Flower Honey 椴花蜜色泽晶莹,醇厚甘甜,比一般蜂蜜含有更多的葡萄糖、果糖、维生素,具有补血、润肺、止咳消渴、促进细胞再生,增加食欲和止痛等,是蜂蜜中难得的佳品。

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