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Bio Planete Breakfast Champion Protein Powder 300g


Rich in protein, iron and magnesium

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Start your day the healthy way with BIO PLANÈTE Breakfast Champion! The latest studies show that breakfast, which is so important, is often low in protein. Yet human beings need proteins every day, spread evenly across the day, to build muscles, organs and cells. We have developed Breakfast Champion to fill precisely that gap: just 3 tbsp. provide almost an extra 10 g of pure vegetable protein – perfect for people who need a lot of protein, such as sportspeople, senior citizens and vegans.

Breakfast Champion is a carefully composed mixture of 100 % natural ingredients. The main element of the composition is the new BIO PLANÈTE Protein Flaxseed Flour, made of locally grown flaxseed. Finely grated orange zest and the native »superfruits«, aronia berries and wild blueberries, add a pleasantly fruity touch. The berries also enrich the mixture with phytonutrients which have an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory effect.

The fine powder provides an impressive protein content of 31 % and is also rich in iron and magnesium. These minerals help maintain a normal energy metabolism and reduce fatigue. At a single stroke, the powder also supplies all the essential amino acids which human beings require, and is a valuable source of calcium, zinc, folic acid and Vitamin B6. The high fiber content makes it lastingly filling, preventing hunger pangs and providing energy to get through the day. BIO PLANÈTE Breakfast Champion is also one of the few protein mixes to get by with no added sugar! We experimented for a long time to find the perfect balance between protein and taste. The result can be used very easily to liven up smoothies, shakes, muesli, oats, quark and yogurt, raising their protein content – especially when you’re in a hurry in the morning. The protein and fruit powder also adds extra taste and nutrient content to home-made ice-cream, cakes, cookies or granola.

Not suitable for making baby food. Should not be eaten by children or pregnant women.

Origin: Germany

Flaxseed flour, partially defatted, aronia berry powder, bilberry pieces, pea protein isolate, orange zest


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Bio Planete Breakfast Champion Protein Powder 300g

Bio Planete Breakfast Champion Protein Powder 300g

Rich in protein, iron and magnesium

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