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Purple Sweet Potato Granola - 鈺統_紫芋甘藷谷諾粒



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  • 營養健康、可即食的穀物點心。
  • 無添加人工香料、人工色素。
  • 低熱量,含膳食纖維、鈣。

Product Description

● Nutritious, ready-to-eat cereal snacks.

● No artificial flavors added, no artificial colors.

● Low calories, rich in dietary fiber and calcium.


紫芋甘藷又有番薯王的美稱,在台灣的諺語中,常用番薯比喻台灣人的精神,做事扎實可靠和吃苦耐勞的個性,不僅健康營養、也深受台灣人的喜愛特色及食用方式多種穀物、水果、堅果及膳食纖維的完美組合,給你活力滿滿的每一天。多種吃法,早餐、點心的好選擇。可直接當零食食用,或是沖泡牛奶、豆漿等飲品,適合全家大小、忙碌的學生及上班族。添加水溶性膳食纖維,維持腸胃道健康。搭配冰冰涼涼的優格或冰淇淋,美味加倍! 非油炸食品,低熱量,含高膳食纖維,不添加人工色素及香料,素食可用。採用台灣本土農作物紫芋甘藷混搭穀物,台灣生產製作品質有保證。

Product Introduction

Purple Sweet Potato has the reputation of “The King of Sweet Potato”. In Taiwanese culture, the sweet potato is usually used to symbolize Taiwanese personality which are solid, reliable and hardworking. Sweet potatoes not only full of nutrition, but also are Taiwanese favorite food. Sweet potato is planted in the alluvial plain downstream of the Zhuoshui River, therefore, can absorb nutrients fertile soils and sunshine, making it an excellent texture. Purple Sweet Potato Granola is a selection of various grains, delicious dried fruit and nutritional nuts, prepared into both healthy and delicious fruit dessert. This healthy and ready-to-eat cereal granola is easy to carry (easy and safe storage with clip chain) and provide energy and satiety. Features and consume methods The perfect combination of a variety of cereals, fruits, nuts and dietary fiber gives you a vibrant day. Purple Sweet Potato Granola has multiple consume methods in breakfast and snacks. You can consume directly as snacks, or add granola in milk, soy milk and other drinks. Suitable for the whole family, busy students and office workers. Water-soluble dietary fiber is added to maintain gastrointestinal health. More delicious with icy yogurt or ice cream. Purple Sweet Potato Granola is a non-fried foods, low in calories, with high dietary fiber, no artificial colors and spices added, and suitable for vegetarian. Using purple sweet potato indigenous in Taiwan to produce a high quality food.




Product Specifications Size : 220g/packet

Origin : Taiwan








 7、過敏原: 本產品含有燕麥、小麥。生產此產品的廠房亦處理花生、堅果含有麩質的穀類。



1. Do not place products under direct sunlight and humid places.

2. Once the package is open, please finish it as soon as possible to prevent deterioration.

3. Manufactured date and best before date is shown on packaging.

4. Photos on packing may slightly differ from actual item in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.

5. Please refer back to actual product for more details.

6. This product is without any preservative.

7. Allergens: This product contains oats and wheat. Plants that produce this product also process peanuts and nuts which contain gluten-containing cereals.

8. This product is certified by HACCP and ISO22000.


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Purple Sweet Potato Granola - 鈺統_紫芋甘藷谷諾粒

Purple Sweet Potato Granola - 鈺統_紫芋甘藷谷諾粒

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