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    In Japanese, Mutenka means additive- free. Shabondama Mutenka Body Soap is an additive- free liquid soap that contains fine quality grape seed oil to gently smoothen and moisture our skin.

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    Embrace yourself with a facial cleanser which is made of simple ingredients with fragrance free, leaving your skin cleanses effectively and retains your skins moisture level naturally with a soft and non-drying lather.

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    Shabondama Mutenka Rinse is an additive-free conditioner. It helps in detangling and smoothing our hair.

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    Shabondama Plant Soap Bar is additive-free plant oil based soap bar with rich foam to effectively cleanse your skin without irritating your sensitive skin. In a nutshell, ingredients are simple yet economical to use. Made in Japan. 

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    Shabondama Hand Soap is additive-free, giving you a sense of comfy yet clean to protect your soft and delicate hand. It comes in handy for easier storage in home, office or restaurants.

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  • $22.80

    Shabondama Organic Olive Facial Soap Bar is an additive free organic facial soap bar that brings you to a prologue of an adventure to explore the beauty of Spain Olive Oil.  In this tiny little soap, you will find yourself attached to its gentle that makes your skin moisture, supple and smooth.

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    Shabondama Organic Olive Liquid Soap can bring you to an exquisite olive oil experience from tip to toe.                                                             There is no longer a need for you to buy facial, body and hair wash separately. You can have it all in one. Start pampering your skin and hair today with Shabondama Organic Olive Liquid Soap...

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    Shabondama Organic Olive Oil (additive free organic lotion) contains the purest organic extra virgin olive oil (certified organic) from Spain. To keeps out from oxidation, the packaging was sealed using Japan advanced technology. In addition, the process of making Shabondama Organic Olive Oil involves no preservatives.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items