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  • Onwards

    No1 Premium Baby Diaper in Singapore

    Unique features ranging from comfort stretch ears, 3D absorbent core to our exclusive Tom & Jerry designs, we serve to produce the best for you and your baby.
    One of a kind where you can find all the best possible features you ever wanted!
    Onwards baby diapers come with 'stretchable ears and fastening tapes' that enables multiple adjustments for ensuring a perfect fit around your baby's waist.
    First and foremost, don't forget to gently stretch open the diaper to optimize the function of leak guards!

    • Breathable cloth-like cover
    • 3D Absorbent core
    • Comfort Leak guards
    • Comfort Stretch Ear
    • Comfort Waist Band
    • Tender soft top sheet
    • Comfort Refastening tape