Have stones in your Kidney or Gallbladder? 


Or Do you have these Symptoms? Anger, Explosive personality, Dark Circles under eyes, Poor Digestion or Tiredness? All these symptoms are related to poor liver function.


Have No fear, we have organic solution for you.


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Liver Detox
1)Why Liver detox ?
-Our liver is constantly working to breakdown not only the environment and external toxins that invade our body, but also those produced during normal metabolic processes in the body, called internal toxins.
-Liver is perhaps the most congested of all organs in our body. Too much fat, chemicals, intoxicants and denaturedfood will disrupt the hundreds of intricate biochemical processes of the liver.
-Love your liver: Cleanse, detoxify and strengthen it, allowing your internal system to perform at optimum level.
2)When do you do it ?
-First sign of liver disharmony is emotional difficulty related to anger:  impatience, frustration, resentment, violence, belligerence, rudeness, edginess, arrogance, stubbornness, aggression and an impulsive and / or explosive personality.
-Depression, mood swings as well as excessively emotional in general are liver-related.
-Tiredness, dark circles under eyes, poor digestion and dull skin are also symptoms of poor liver function.