Nutritional Goodness of Beans

Beans are high in protein, beneficial to diabetes , helps reduce cholesterol & anti caner


(1)Lima Bean Organic 
Lima Bean Organic


-Beneficial for the liver & lungs.

-Neutralises acidic conditions

-Beautifies skin

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(2)Black Eyed Bean Organic 
Black Eyed Bean Organic


-Highest protein as compare to other beans

-More calcium than milk

-Soft, quick-cooking


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(3)Black Bean Organic 
Black Beans


-Beneficial to kidney & reproductive function.

-Black bean soup for (throat infections, kidney stones, bed-wetting, urinary difficulty & hot flushes of menopause)

-For low backache, knee pain, reproductive system health.


-Avoid in cases of diarrhea or watery stools.


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Soy Bean Organic 
Soya Bean Organic


-Helps in alkalizing & eliminates toxins from the body.

-More protein than milk with lower saturated fat.

-No cholesterol.

-Boost milk secretion in nursing mothers.

-Nutrient for childhood malnourishment

-Helps water retention & toxemia during pregnancy.


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(5)Mung Bean Organic
Mung Bean Organic


-Cure food poisoning

-Has Anti cancer property

-Treat inflamed (red) skin breakouts.

-Ease urinary difficulty accompanied by heat signs.

-Edema in the lower extremities

-Relieve damp-heat in the body


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(6)Adzuki Bean Organic 
Adzuki Bean Organic


-Alkaline bean

-Promote weight loss. (Less calories than other beans)

-Regular drink Adzuki bean soup with meals  increases mother’s milk.

-Kidney inflammations & kidney complaints ( ½  hours before meals  drink ½ cup)

-For prolonged menstruation, chew well  5 raw adzuki beans daily until menses stop.



-Avoid in rheumatoid disease (eg: rheumatoid arthritis & systemic lupaus erythematosus). May ignite inflammations.


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