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    护肾强肺圣品 有机冬虫夏草 This super strain is then cultured in organic soybean and then refined to this finest powder of the organic Cordyceps powder. The active components is higher compared to the wild Cordyceps yet with significant result or even better. It has been known as a strengthening tonic.

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    100% Organic  Prune is certified by QAI of U.S.A.  and  JAS of Japan. It is produced fromorganically grown California prunes. The finished product does not contain any food additives and preservative at all. It is a very virgin and top quality of prune puree.

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    十全谷类有机植物奶 Oasis Phytomilk is prepared from organic oats, ogranic soy, organic millet and variety of grains. It acts as an alternative to dairy milk and provides multiple benefits to body.It is also a satisfying beverage for kids above 1 year too.

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    BENEFITS• Normalised balance of enzymes.• Maintain acid-alkaline balance.• Increased ATP energy metabolism in the cells.• Adjusted metabolism.• Balanced digestion and assimilation of nutrients.• Protection against formation of free radicals.• Balanced intestinal microflora.• Strong immune system and balanced antioxidative processes.

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    FeatureQuality Complete Amino Acid Profile – all 8 essential amino acids 98.2% digestion efficiency – easy to digest and absorb High in plant enzymes and phyto-nutrients Certified organic Australian Made & Owned Sprouted and Raw Bio-fermented Hypo allergenic Gluten free, wheat free, Dairy free, lactose free, soy free

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    Follow Your Gut Feeling. Why Not?® certified organic Friendly Flora Blend is a fermented superfood made out of 18 fermented certified organic/biodynamic wholefoods and 14 types of food-base microbiome super-cultures — an all-rounder blend for daily gut support, diverse nutrition and enhanced nutrient absorption.

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    Follow your Gut feeling… Why Not?® Friendly Flora Blend (For Women) is a fermented superfood, made of 19 certified organic/biodynamic wholefoods and 14 types of food-base microbiome super-cultures. On top of providing gut support, supplying diverse nutrients and boosting nutrient absorption, it is formulated to meet the needs of women of all ages...

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