~~Kidney Stone Flush~~

Duration : 10 Days




Organic  Lemon Juice, 200 ml

10 bottles

Do & Don’ts

1)Drink plenty of water to enhance elimination and prevent more kidney stones from forming.

2)Drink the diluted lemon juice mixture with a straw or rinse your mouth with water after drinking to prevent frequent contact of lemon juice with the enamel (teeth).

3)Avoid or at least cut down on all meat, as well as high fat and salt content food throughout the program.

4)Not recommended  for: Pregnant women, nursing mothers or children below 7 years old.


~~Gallbladder Flush~~

1)Why Gallbladder Flush ?

-When the liver is consistently stagnant, sediments often settle out of the bile and form accumulation that resembles stones, sand or mud in the gallbladder.

-Since the gallbladder acts as a reservoir for bile, it becomes less efficient when clogged with sediments, causing acute problems when stones are lodged in the bile duct leading from the gallbladder to the duodenum.

-Gallbladder cleansing clears residues from the liver as well.

2)When do you do it?

Symptoms of sediments in the Gallbladder:

-Indigestion, flatulence

-Periodic pain below the right front side of the rib cage

-Tension in the back of the shoulders near the neck

-Bitter taste in the mouth, chest pain

-Most chronically ill people need gallbladder cleansing before recovery is complete; this includes individuals who regularly experience emotional stress.


Duration : 6 Days





Organic Apple Juice

8 bottles

Organic Lemon Juice

½ cup

Organic Olive Oil

½ cup

Epsom Salt

2 tsp