This porridge is said to asist in body detoxification.

Barley- a good source of dietary fibre and is cooling, aids in detoxification besides strengthening the spleen.
Soya beans- cooling and a source of protein,detoxify and lubricate the lungs and intestines.
Black beans,green beans and red beans provide fibre,protein,antioxidants,minerals and vitamins.
Taken regularly,the porridge is claimed to be good for constipation and obesity,and diabetes-related problems.
Avoid this porridge if you have gout as beans contain purine which can raise uric acid levels in the blood and precipitate gout attacks in some people.

20g organic black beans
20g organic soy beans
40g organic mung (green) beans
40g organic red beans
40g organic barley
200g sweet potato
1 litre water
Salt to taste
1.Wash and soak the beans and barley  overnight.
2.Put all the ingredients in a pot.Cover with water.
3.Once water boils reduce heat.
4.Let porridge simmer in low heat until all the ingredients are thoroughly cooked.
5.Add salt to taste and serve.