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  • $13.65

    This vinegar is made from wine produced with organically grown red grapes and aged in wooden barrels and the aroma is enhanced with natural walnut flavour. It is non pasteurized.

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  • $37.95

    Echinacea is highly valued traditionally in boosting body immune system. Combined with eucalyptus leaf which supports the breathing airways and antioxidant-rich pomegranate and acerola cherry juice, Echinacea PomegranateRestore gives your immunity a powerful boost and accelerates recovery from cold and flu at its first sign.

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  • $11.97 $20.97

    Healthy, versatile & highly heat resistant. Our coconut oil is pressed from the flesh of fully ripe organic coconuts immediately after their harvest. It is neither, bleached, hydrogenated, nor deodorized. Owing to a special cold-vacuum sealing, quality and freshness are ideally preserved. The BIO PLANÈTE guarantee label additionally ensures the...

    $11.97 $20.97
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  • $22.05

    This is first cold pressed oil from certified organic and certified Fair Trade sesame seeds from Mali. Sesame oil contains a good amount of vitamin K which helps in proper mobilization and distribution of calcium in our body.

    In Stock
  • $8.21

    This particular quality of oil is obtained in alimited quantity from organic seed by mechanical cold pressing. This oil maintains the beneficial properties of the essential fatty acids OMEGA 6 contained in the Sunflower.

    In Stock
  • $23.70

    Wholesome health drink made from 20 nutrient-rich grains, the purple sweet potato and others active ingredients such as FibreSol-2 and Inulin. While the grains are packed with protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients for good health, the purple sweet potato is rich in antioxidants to help improve immunity and prevent disease.

    In Stock
  • $15.60

    Wild Tualang honey harvest from the tall majestic emergent Tualang tree.Its lofty of 250 feet provides natural protection for the Asian Giant Honeybee, which collect the strong character dark amber colour unpolluted honey.

    In Stock
  • $28.50

    This greenish oil with its full bodied aroma is first cold pressed from specially selected organic avocado. Rich in omega 9 essential fatty acid, vitamin E and flavonoids, Emile Noel Avocado Oil is excellent in supporting skin and joint health.

    In Stock
  • $13.50

    From "Magical Misty Heaven" Fraser's Hill, Nestling over 900 species of flower plants at 1500 meters above sea level on the Titiwangsa range. The cool unpolluted environment produces this raw wild honey that is clear and pure with mild floral taste.

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  • $19.50 $22.50

    Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols, olive oil is good for the cardio-vascular system and the control of cholesterol levels in the blood. Because of its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting qualities it can also be used for massaging.

    $19.50 $22.50
    Reduced price!
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  • $5.25

    Blessed with geographical advantage and unique weather. The Kelabit tribe carries on the traditional organic farming method through generations, producing one and only, excellent quality Bario rice. 

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