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  • $11.26

    This is first cold pressed oil from certified organic sunflower seeds. They are mechanically pressed using traditional screw pressing machine, without being exposed to temperature more than 60°C and never undergone any refinery process.

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  • $1.46

    The Most Nutritious GLUTEN FREE Food on Earth! Imagine the health benefits for your entire body when you ingest this delicious, perfect food which contains all the vitamins,minerals,amino,fiber,calcium & fatty acids that you required.

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  • $2.99

    商品簡介 ● 5種穀類+4種水果,口感大滿足。 非油炸食品、無添加人工香料、人工色素。 營養健康,可即食的穀物點心。 Product Description ● Five kinds of cereals plus four kinds of fruits, satisfying with multiple texture. ● Non-fried foods, no artificial flavors added, no artificial colors. ● Nutritious and ready-to-eat cereal snacks.

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  • $35.43

    This first cold pressed walnut oil has a good supply of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. It is an important food for our brain and eyes. These nutrients are essential for the brain and to enhance learning.

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  • $100.78

    FeatureQuality Complete Amino Acid Profile – all 8 essential amino acids98.2% digestion efficiency – easy to digest and absorbHigh in plant enzymes and phyto-nutrientsCertified organicAustralian Made & OwnedSprouted and RawBio-fermentedHypo allergenicGluten free, wheat free, Dairy free, lactose free, soy free

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  • $18.68

    The tonic tea consists of organic Maitake (King of Mushroom in Japan),organic Cordyceps and Misai Kucing.It is so convenient that you can enjoy a fragrant tonic tea anywhere and anytime.Suitable as daily health drink for both sexes of all ages.

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  • $13.40

    BIO PLANÈTE Coconut Oil Neutral is the neutral alternative to virgin coconut oil. It is gently steam-treated and thus neutral in odor and flavor. Similar to a frying oil, it is well suited for both local and exotic dishes, but also for deep-frying or as an alternative to butter, in short: it is extremely versatile.

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  • $6.32


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  • $1.32

    Shabondama Plant Soap Bar is additive-free plant oil based soap bar with rich foam to effectively cleanse your skin without irritating your sensitive skin. In a nutshell, ingredients are simple yet economical to use. Made in Japan.

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