Phytomilk with Purple Sweet Potato 十全谷类紫薯植物奶 (850g)



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Organic Phytomilk Purple十全谷类紫薯植物奶

Oasis Phytomilk Purple is composed from well-balanced composition of purple sweet potato, organic oat, organic soy, organic millet and variety of grains. It provides a nutritious and smooth purple sweet potato beverage to your meals.

A tasty source ofenergy and vitamins with antioxidants rich purple sweet potato that helps improves performance and concentration for hardworking adult and busy students。


Features :

High in antioxidants from purple sweet potato高抗氧紫心甘薯
Contain gorgon and lotus seed which beneficial to spleen and stomach含益脾胃的芡实和蓮子
Contain microalgae DHA含植物性海藻DHA
Contain Oligosaccharides含寡糖
No preservatives,synthetic fragrance and colourants。无防腐剂,合成香精以及人工色素,

Thoroughly steam cooked and ground for easier digestion细磨蒸熟,有助消化,不易造成腹胀

Origin: Taiwan台湾
适合素食者Suitable for vegetarian
保持干燥,存于室温Keep dry and store at room temperature


organic ingredients (organic oats, organic soybean, oragnic millet, organic black soy bean, organic beetroot), purple sweet potato, wheat powder, dextrin , gorgon, lotus seeds, vegetable oil powder(palm oil), malt extracts, fructose, fructooligosaccharide, inulin, galactooligosaccharide, soy protein, multi minerals and vitamins(calcium carbonate, zinc gluconate, vitamin C, ferric pyrophosphate, microalgae extracts (DHA), vitamin E, niacin, calcium pantothenate, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, thamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, folic acid, biotin), lecithin, guar bean gum, silicon dioxide, yeast, phytosterol, marigold flower extracts(contain lutein), isoflavones.

Mix 3 tablespoon (25 g) with 150-160cc of warm water. Stir and serve.

有机原料(有机燕麦,有机黄豆,有机小米,有机青仁黑豆,有机甜菜根),紫心甘薯,小麦粉,芡实,莲子,麦芽糊精, 植物油粉(含棕梠油),麦芽萃取物,果糖,果寡糖, 菊糖,半乳寡糖,大豆蛋白,综合矿物质与维生素(碳酸钙,葡萄糖酸锌,维生素C,焦磷酸铁,微藻萃取物(DHA),维生素E,烟碱酸,泛酸,维生素A,维生素D3,维生素B12,维生素B1,维生素B2 ,维生素B6,叶酸,生物素),卵磷脂,关华豆胶,二氧化硅,营养酵母,植醇,金盏花萃取物(含叶黄素),大豆异黄酮

将三匙的有机植物奶加入150-160 ml 的温水内搅拌即可。


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Phytomilk with Purple Sweet Potato 十全谷类紫薯植物奶 (850g)

Phytomilk with Purple Sweet Potato 十全谷类紫薯植物奶 (850g)

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